19 April 2011

just for my MAK

I love U Mak

Trap in a subway, can't remember the day but I feel ok
Damped in damn situation, in every condition with no conclusion
Whenever the rain comes down and it's seems there's none to hold me
She's there for me, she's my mom

Just for my mom, I write this song
Just for my mom, I sing this song
Coz just my mom, can wipe my tears
Coz just my mom, can only here

gambar ni aku suka tgk kalau time ada problem..
it's just like Mak ckp "it's ok inda, be cool" untuk aku..
serius aku rasa camtu...
gmbr ni dh pnh letak..tp nak letak jugak lg..
if u see this picture, then u will know from where
i got my sweet smile...i got it from my mother 2x..

lagu favourite aku...tp sila tukarkan "my girl" to "my boy"
untuk lyric itu...ok TQ :)

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