07 September 2011

Love You

Let me ask you...
What is exactly the relationship between you and your lover?
 1) You love him/her, because he/she is perfect

or 2) because you love him/her, so he/she is perfect?

I dont know...It's seem to be the same..
Let me tell you, it's extremely different...

If you love someone because he/she is perfect, when you've been
getting along, you will see some imperfection in him/her..see his/her
spoilt habit, and see his/her bad nature...
then at that time your love for him/her will fade away...

If it's the 2nd one, 
for whatever will occurs,
whoever will see him/her bad...
but to you he/she is always perfect 
the love like this is hard to stop and 
hard to forget...
It will never fade away.
gambar google :)

p/s: entry raya tak siap lagi la...tp takpe raya kan sebulan kan..kan?...


  1. "I love you not because you are beautiful, you are beautiful because I love you"
    A quote I found in english text book..hehe

  2. salam lind....x semua org yg sempurna...cintailah ia seadanya....:)

  3. intan,
    yup sgt setuju...sedap quote tu :)

    salam mama,
    cintai seseorang seadanya dia...tu lg membahagiakan dari mengubah dia menjadi apa yg kita suka kan mama..:)


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